The Importance of Keeping Our Toes “Did” In The Summer

Aight ladies, listen up. Yes, I’m judging you today. We need to end the silent epidemic I call “Lazy Toe Nail Syndrome” that has taken over in recent years. The weather is warm, we are pulling out the sandals, we are ready to see and be seen on the scene. Now I’m not usually one to judge anybody’s life, because you live with you, but can we talk about toe nail maintenance real quick? Because some people are out here not even trying and I feel compelled to pull us back together. Sandal Season is not sneaking up on us. We are not surprised of it’s arrival. We know it’s coming. So this is a stance and public cry to let you know #AllToeNailsMatter. Especially yours.

Do you suffer from “Lazy Toe Nail Syndrome” (LTNS)?

To find out if you or a loved-one has been suffering, please take this short quiz:

  1. Are your toe nails different lengths, have angles, or “jagged edges” that can harm you or others?
  2. Is your polish rubbed off on your “big toe,” or grown out halfway down your nail-beds?
  3. Is the skin around your toe cuticles overgrown like a neglected row of bushes?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you, my dear, have LTNS and need to be seen right away at your nearest nail shop!

5 Reasons to get your toes “did”

  1. It’s relaxing. There is nothing greater than letting your feet soak in a tub of hot water! Then comes the pampering and foot massage… you cannot tell me this is not heaven! Spoil yourself, it’s important.
  2. It’s time away from the kids. Need an excuse to get away from the kid(s)? Go to a place where kids aren’t even allowed! I love that sign in the window that says “no kids unless getting serviced.” This mama approves because I’m the only one being serviced TA-DAY!
  3. It keeps your feet fresh and soft. Pedicures aren’t just for aesthetics. They keep your skin fresh and your toe cuticles in order. Suffer from dry and cracked feet even after your pedicure? Apply a large amount of this ointment twice a day and cover your feet with socks while it soaks in. It’s known to take away the cracks in under one week. It’s expensive, but works!
  4. Your toes look cute. If you’re going to put on a sundress, have your hair poppin, and face beat, the least you can do is make your toes consistently competitive. And polish is fun! Who doesn’t like cool colors?
  5. It’s common courtesy. Can you do your part? Because together, as a nation, we are trying to come together and end LTNS. Be a good example and make your toes easy on all of our eyes!

And if you ever catch me out here developing LTNS, do me a favor and please make a citizen’s arrest! Get a sista back in shape!

Yours truly: Ms. Pettyton

Sunshine Pettyton at your service

This article was first published on Sassy Plum

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