“Dear My People…” We’re The New Kids On The Block!

We say what you’re thinking. We think about what you are saying. See what she thinks about what he thinks, and what he thinks about what she thinks. If it’s trending, we typing. If it’s popping, posts are dropping. Who’s ready? (Some of us are a little corny too, just to warn you.)

This is a space where we welcome guest bloggers and writers. Even vloggers. Let’s talk about the world the way WE see it, whoever WE is. Is that grammatically correct?

Let’s challenge popular thought. Let’s unpack popular opinion. Individuality is what makes us all, well, individual. But while we can celebrate uniqueness, it is also nice to know that your unpopular opinion is shared. You’re Welcome.

Making unpopular and popular equally acceptable will be fun.

Oh, and just to be clear, if you are human, you are “My People.” It’s all love.


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