5 Reason Why Trump and Sessions Need to See The Incredibles 2 (A Spoiler-Free Review)

Whether or not there are any children in your life, if you haven’t seen the first Incredibles movie, which hit theatres originally back in 2004, stop right now and go watch it.

I’ll wait.

Okay. Now you see, right? I consider myself a movie buff. I especially find myself very familiar with what makes a good animated family film. Likewise, I know a bad one when I see it. No offense, but:

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water from 2015

may have been the first time that I LITERALLY would have requested AND PAID for earplugs and blinders DURING THE MOVIE if the theatre sold them. The plot sucked. The psychedelic scenes were useless. The time and money that I spent taking my kids to see that movie are gone forever. I’ll never get those precious moments of my life back.

“Kid Movies” have some winners, though.

The entire Kung Fu Panda series was very respectable. Taking it back to the days of Shrek. Solid films.

And The Incredibles: It had action, suspense, real family circumstances and life issues. It had moral dilemmas and laughter and fun. It had everything you wanted from a movie, including the “what will happen next.” There is nothing worse than watching a movie when you can see the end at the beginning. Predictability sucks.

Yesterday, we went to see Incredibles 2.

I am going to stay as spoiler-free as is humanly possible. TRUMP, you need this in your life. 

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  1. The law vs what is RIGHT. The Trump/Sessions combo would have Americans believe that when someone breaks border control laws, this absolves law enforcers from being guilty of mistreatment of people and families. The Incredibles 2 dealt with the LAW VS HUMAN RIGHTS. It stressed our moral obligations to protect humanity.

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  2. Women’s rights were paramount. The women in this movie were strong, powerful and empowered to be great in and outside of the home. Even though Elastagirl’s voice reminds me of Hilary Clinton, there were no NASTY women in this film. Strong opinions were supported.
  3. The power of marketing to influence people was used for GOOD instead of EVIL. Marketing can change and mold people’s perceptions through what they are shown. Trump is GREAT at molding perceptions, but he does it through fearmongering and negativity. He celebrates and brings out the worst in people. He could do so much more positively with his power to influence if he wanted.
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    The husband and wife in this movie actually liked AND loved each other, much like I love my own hubby. Melania would probably like Trump better if he treated her and other women with more respect. (Judging from how he behaves on the public stage, I can only imagine how he behaves in private.)

  5. Politicians who united over a common goal in the movie seemed to contain just a touch of humility. It’s possible that I’m reading too much into the movie at this point, but arrogance and narcissism are palpable. I didn’t feel that icky feeling when the world leaders united in The Incredibles 2. TRY HUMILITY, Donald.

We waited 14 years for the Parrs, also known as the Incredibles, to come back to the big screen. I am joined by many who truly believe that it was worth the wait. Of course, the kids loved it, but the adults in the room, some without children, also felt good by the end.

The world of cinema is a better place.

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The real world could be too if we did one thing that seemed to be a recurrent element. And I quote:

“Some people do things simply because they are right.”

No pretense. No kick-back. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable. Sometime people will think you are crazy, but that’s okay when humanity just needs someone to stand up and say, Do Better. Act Right.

Right, 45?

Well, um…


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