19 Minutes: There’s one thing NOBODY is talking about.

I admit it, admit it… (I) I admit it, I did it… (I)…

I listened to the ENTIRE 19-minute song, I Admit, by R. Kelly. And as you can see above, I listened to a video that had the lyrics. If I was going to spend 19 WHOLE MINUTES trying to understand why R. Kelly was making us spend our lives with this song, I figured I might as well know what he is saying.

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I am a Chicagoan for life. No matter where I live, or have lived, you’ll hear me proudly proclaimed, “I’m from Chicago!” That means R. Kelly, or ARRuh as we like to call him, is an integral part of my foundation.

Now usually I don’t do this but uhh…

I don’t consider myself a supporter of people who engage in conduct that I feel is disrespectful or harmful. Especially when those disrespected or harmed are disenfranchised and unable to speak louder than their offender. I am pro-Under-Dog.

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Against my better judgment, and with much coaxing from friends and co-workers I listened to Arruh’s whole 19 minutes. I was told that it was worth listening to. I was told I would learn more of his backstory and maybe even question his accusers. I mean, I wasn’t there in the alleged cult-basement. I don’t know the truth from what the media has told us. And WHO DOESN’T LOVE 12 Play, Chocolate Factory, etcetera.

But there is one thing that no one is talking about.

The Pied Piper of R&B

For over a decade, Mr. Kelly called himself this. According to a story in GQ from 2016, he did so because of the flute that he began to use in his music. Songs like Fiesta, Snake and Step In The Name Of Love all contained this wind instrument. Little did Kells know that the real story of the Pied Piper was not one to emulate.

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According to legend, the town of Hamelin was overrun by Rats. The Pied Piper was employed to play a hypnotizing song that led all of the rats out of the city. When he was successful at that task, the people of Hamelin stiffed the Pied Piper. They didn’t pay him at all. What did Pipe do? He played another mesmerizing song that reached the ears of the children. All of the children in town were led out of the city where TPP killed them.

Yep, The Pied Piper Kelled, I mean killed the kids.

I believe that ARRuh didn’t know the whole story before he adorned the name. He says within the 19 minutes that he can’t read very well. I just don’t think that it is a coincidence that THIS story is associated with THIS man.

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I also don’t think it is a coincidence that he has dealt with such hard times in his adult life. Some call it Karma. I consider it God permissive will.  Whatever you consider it, I think that if you mess with people in a way that leads to harm and pain, you should expect to not live an easy life. Of course, there are always perceived exceptions to this rule, but I’m just not surprised that Kells is broke and sad.

To those who don’t #MuteRKelly and think we should separate the man from his music…

Go sit in a Cosby Show and Roseanne marathon watch-a-thon by yourself. I will NOT sit with you. If Backyard Party comes on during a social get together, I won’t get up and leave, but I’m CERTAINLY not going to run out onto the grass dance floor and yell “That’s My SONG.” I won’t be attending any concerts either. I’ll feel dirty.

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Despite the Jedi mind tricks ARRuh tried on us in those 19 minutes, I am still not a fan. I can’t fly. I’m not the worlds greatest. I’m not trying to be rude, but…

I See Something Wrong With A Little Bump And GRIND…

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I know there are artists throughout the ages whose private lives contained elements that were unsavory at best. I don’t know those details. I do know the allegations against ARRuh. I am not a judge or jury, but when enough people come out saying the SAME THING about a person, it’s hard not to believe or take the allegations to heart.

I’m glad The Pied Piper title didn’t come up in the 19 minutes. The song was better without that throwback. I also won’t be asking for R. Kelly’s extermination services any time soon if he decides to change careers. Not my children.

His voice and talent are undeniable. My ears and my money will pass, though. ARRuh, Bill and Roseanne should start a secret Facebook Group. It will be there to help them stay motivated to keep on going despite being disliked by millions. I think they should call it, Don’t Kell Yourself.




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