Love Is: Love Is?

Love Is? Were Yasir and Nuri really in love after that first night at Insomnia? I mean, they talked for hours. They had so much in common. They really connected. but were they in love? Let’s explore.

New Edition said it best:

If it isn’t love, why do I feel this way? Why does she stay on… my mind?

Oprah gifted us with Love Is. Oprah Winfrey Network, great job.

Okay, so actually we have Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil to thank for this story. The writing, the casting, everything is right in this show. Okay, so let me be honest. What I love most about the show, beyond the fact that it gives me something to write about, is that it brings us all into that feeling of new love.

It’s the butterflies, and the fireflies, floating in my stomach… yeah. (Light between their wings.) I’m scared to fly, I think I might come down, I think I’m ready now. I’m getting back in line.

– Tank and the Bangas

Tank, of Tank and the Bangas was singing about love and it’s likeness to riding a really big roller coaster. I agree. The thrill of the ride is what makes love so compelling. That and the fact that it feels so good (unlike a rollercoaster in my opinion.)

Is that love though? Is that happy, butterfly feeling love? And if it is, is that the foundation for a relationship? I’m no relationship counselor, but I do consider myself an expert, having been in a healthy relationship for over a decade. That longevity should give me some street cred.

I want to pose a few thoughts about what love IS, and a few thoughts about what love is not. Tell me what you think.

  1. love IS a feeling, a tingle, an obsession, a drug
  2. love IS not a promise of commitment, a comprehensive assessment, a guarantee of happiness, or a fairy tale
  3. love will make you happy, but it will not keep you happy
  4. love will make you passionate but not rational
  5. love will start the conversation but you have to choose to keep talking
  6. love IS fun, life is practical
  7. love sets the foundation, it does not build or maintain the house

If you construct a house on an unstable foundation, you will be screwed from jump. But, if you set that foundation properly and then build that house with toothpicks, that mess will still fall. Love IS the beginning, but choices formed from conscious thought dictate the end.

I do think that Nuri and Yasir decided they were in love based on proverbial pictures of a house on Zillow. They hadn’t really toured that bad boy or done a thorough inspection. Maybe love doesn’t require a thorough inspection, but life does. Deciding to commit takes way more than just love. Building and maintaining a life together takes way more than just love.

Love IS the beginning. You determine the end.

Hit my comments here or on IG or Facebook. I want to know what you all think. What is Love to you?

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