DMP Dope Feature: Create Lamine #CREATE

About 2 weeks ago,

I saw the dopest thing I had seen in media in a LONG time. Every content creator these days is striving to be better than the last, more innovative than the first, and funnier, more informative and more inspirational than anything you have seen before. Media is designed to interrupt your day WHILE bring some sort of value to your world.


Meet Create Lamine, a filmmaker based in France.

If you thought that was dope, that is only the beginning. What I appreciate about this work is the way the amazing dance moves are captured WITH dope camera work and effects to enhance every move.

While Black got over 230K views on Facebook and countless more on Instagram etc, the camera work and effects in the following video are EVEN BETTER. Check the changes in focus WITHIN the shot. I mean…


I just like to appreciate things that are worth my attention. A cat playing the piano is eye-catching. A kid making slime is captivating, but after watching these videos, I am often annoyed that I will never get back those precious minutes of my life.

My time spent watching Create Lamine productions gives me all of the feels. I’m happy to recognize his work as this weeks DMP Dope Feature. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram @createlamine

If you know of an artist or content creator who you would like to be considered for a feature, tag #dearmypeople or send us a message on Facebook or IG and we’ll check them, or you out. #CREATE


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