Fresh as F**k, Hella Engaging, Meh-Like: A candid look at Season 3 of Insecure HBO

I am Loyal-Like…

… like someone who will watch a whole season of a show regardless of the quality of the content within. I want to be loyal, but it is not in my nature to be a yes-woman. I don’t belong to any entourages, probably because I am going to be the one voice that disagrees with everyone else’s bad idea. Crowd mentally is not for me.



Understanding that fact, I am writing this post as a public service to Issa Rae, creator and co-writer of Insecure.

I want you to know, Ms. Issa Rae, that I respect and love you for being a badass, dope ass writer and show creator, dating all the way back to the Misadventures of AWKWARD Black Girl.

You had me at Season 1, Episode 1 when “Your OUTFIT settled for LESS!!! HAHAHAHA.” Who among us has not been the actual or whispered butt of a young trendy kids joke as the not-cool, not-hip, still-saying-hip adult who is just trying to figure it out?

And who hasn’t been in a relationship or known someone in a relationship who could be Dope as F**k if they would just try harder? We love Insecure because we see ourselves in it. We see our friends in it. We see real life in it.

Now  on to my critique of Season 3. Let us recap the important pivotal storylines involved in Seasons 1 and 2. It’s only eight 30-minute episodes, but those episodes went a long way.

Insecure Season 1: … as F**k

  • Nonprofit as F**k: Issa works for a non-for profit where she is the misunderstood “token” black employee.
  • Complacent as F**k: Issa lives with a boyfriend of 5 years, Lawrence, who is not working
  • Pussy is Broken as F**k: Molly has a broken pussy- nuff said
  • Producing as F**k: Daniel seems to have his stuff together
  • Kelly is crazy and Free as F**k
  • Tiffany is Bougee as F**k
  • Gay as F**k: Molly and enterprise bae, Jared, have good times but end on some craziness.
  • Triffling as F**k: Issa cheats on Lawrence with DANIEL
  • Over as F**k: Lawrence finds out and leaves in the dopest and most dramatic way ever. Not the Best Buy T-shirt!!!


Beloved Season 1 Characters: Thug Yoda, Rasheeda, Frieda

Insecure Season 2: Hella…

  • Hella Racist : Issa deals with a BLACK racist principle, so deep but funny.
  • Hella Free: Lawrence moves on from Issa and starts dating bank bae, Tasha, then Aparna
  • Hella Chad: Chad is getting married and is arguably the funniest supporting character on HBO.
  • Hella Open Marriage: Molly also starts seeing- and by seeing I mean sleeping with- her married best friend from college.
  • Hella Not Over Him: Issa wants Lawrence back. She has to come to grips with the fact that it isn’t happening.
  • Hella Hoe-tation: Issa starts dating again and it is hella entertaining.
  • Hella Closure: We, the viewers come to grips with the fact that Issa and Lawrence are never no more. I’d lie if I said I wasn’t hella sad, but that was the power of this show. It pulled you in.


Beloved Season 2 Characters: Quetin (played by Lil Rel), Aparna, Ahmal (Issa’s brother), Dro.

Insecure Season 3: … – Like

  • Confused-Like: So we’re living with Daniel, dreaming about sleeping with him, but not actually sleeping with him. We’re mad at him for doing his thing, which is both ridiculous and annoying because it’s not realistic. Either you want to be with him or you don’t. If you don’t stay out of his business. Annoyed-Like
  • Making Beats-Like: So Daniel makes beats… that is all. Bored-Like
  • Lyft-Like: So Issa drives Lyft… Ridin’-Like
  • Quit-Like: Issa quits her job to pursue a block party? I’m down with her moving on from We Got Y’all because she was no longer fulfilled there, but do you need to quit your job to throw a block party? Even better, do you NEED to quit your job before you have found a new job? Irresponsible-Like
  • Nathan-Like: Undoubtedly the BEST PART of the season. The episode where he was reintroduced was dope because you saw vulnerable Issa, new bae, and the fun and quirky good times.
  • Lawyer-Like: Molly joins a new firm, but finding her place is not explored. She kind of fits in, but then gets super ambitious but is snubbed because of it ironically by her competitor in the office. It was like a half story. We didn’t get deep enough to attach or even understand the characters. Who is Taurean really? What’s his motivation?-Like
  • Coachella-Like: Sex, Drugs and reckless behavior. I’m not a fan, even though moments were funny. KELLY-Like!
  • Stalking Like: Did we spend a whole episode  cyber stalking Nathan? We did, and I am annoyed. Waiting-Like…
  • Returned-Like: Nathan returns, from some uncomfortable past. We don’t know what. We don’t know why. He just seems troubled and Issa leaves him outside shaking with his tail between his legs. Got Get HIM ISSA! We need Closure-Like.
  • Tidy-Like: The season finally ends with Issa Rae cleaning and completing her home décor. Mind. Blown. Finale-Like


Beloved Season 3 Characters: Chad, Andrew (Asian Bae)… and that’s all I can think of. Well, and Jered came back for a second.

Literally the only interesting parts of this whole season were when Nathan was around- though we need to remind him what a CONDOM is. Oh and when Chad got saved, and when Kelly lost her bladder, I was thoroughly entertained. Well, and the moment when LAWRENCE CAME BACK. But honestly, content was lacking. We were so starved for it, in fact, I think that is why Lawrence and Nathan got so much love. We have no idea what Taurean’s back story is. We have no idea what happened to Nathan for the last 2 episodes of the show. We have no idea why Molly has such a chip on her shoulder or who Andrew even is on the inside. And what about the girls at Molly’s job? What about Tiffany’s baby? There could have been so much more.

Honestly, the soundtrack was this season’s only saving grace.

I’m not trying to be mean Ms. Issa Rae. If I didn’t know what you are capable of, I wouldn’t have been so disappointed. If I didn’t know what you are capable of, I wouldn’t be so loyal. It is because I know you write and produce great shows that apply and are relevant to me in 2018, unlike an outdated Netflix movie about our natural hair that we learned to love decades ago.

I do want to thank Season 3 or Insecure for introducing me to Ballers. That show is the truth! Funny, raw, hilarious, and busting with story lines, character backstories, and life. My annoyance with meh episode after meh episode of Insecure was cured by Ballers bingeing.

I say all of this in love. I Love Insecure. Best believe that I will be in attendance for the Season 4 premier. I just want Season 4 to come harder. (And wear a condom.)


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