After Jill Scott’s Mic Check One Two, What Are YOU Gonna Do?

Jill Scott blew UP social media…

this week because, well, she rocks the mic. I mean that in both the literal and figurative sense. She’s one of the greats when it comes to music and performance. I saw her live and felt her every emotion.

I took A Long Walk, I knew He Loved Me, and I began LIVING MY LIFE LIKE IT’S GOLDEN.

Now we see Miss Jilly from Philly rocking another mic. The one downtown. She showed off her penis pleasure principle skills during a show in Nashville. Apparently, this is a regular-ish part of her performances, but the internet went CRAZY.

While some hail her performance as the second coming of Superhead, others described her performance as meh at best. Some say her 2-handed action and her scrotum massaging moves were next level. Others say a performance isn’t real if their’s no gagging or tears. To the latter I say, this WAS a simulation. Slobbing down a REAL microphone would undoubtedly be deemed disgusting and electrically dangerous. IJS.


I personally loved her performance. Not for technique, but for the sheer sensuality, sexuality, and unapologetically freakiness of it all! She enjoyed that sh!+ and the bruhs knew it. Being a lady in the street and freak in the bed isn’t an easy transition to make. It’s easy to be a lady in these streets and not know how to let your hair down behind closed doors.

I’m talking about sexual expectations.

Some women aren’t taught how to be sexy. Sensuality in youth is frowned upon. It’s not socially acceptable in many households. And let’s not even TALK about the SHAME that can be associated with being sexy.

“Don’t dress too cute at work. You’ll attract the wrong attention.”

“She was assaulted because of how she looked.”


Prior to #MeToo, and even now, being sexy could easily be the considered the antithesis of being a “lady.”

Some of us have spent our entire lives trying to present ourselves as respectable women who don’t exude sensuality. When do we learn how to be sexy and free, though? Where do we learn how to please a partner? If you pick it up along the way, more power to you. Own That Sexuality. Both you and your partner will be happy, I’m sure.

I must ask: What do YOU get out of the deal?

If I hear or see one more social media post encouraging a woman to go to the school of Jill Scott Blow Jobs, I’ll scream. I know, I know. I just applauded her for her sexuality in giving, but what about receiving. Pleasuring is pleasurable, AND so is receiving.

Where is the cunni-love? (Get it? Cunnilingus Love? Too much?)


I have a proposition. For every Jill Scott Head of the Class text or tag, there is a You Got Next text. For every You Should Rock The Mic post, there should be an Open Mic Night invite for reciprocation.

I do think most people who are ready to receive are willing to give, but this message is for those who aren’t the giving types. I think we should ALL be open to sex on different levels, but only as long as we are comfortable.

I am in NO WAY proposing that anyone do something that they don’t want to do.


But testing the waters and exploring curiosity can be both liberating and empowering. And it can be a lot of fun.

Finally, I want to end with what Ms. Jill Scott herself said about that part of her performance. Paraphrasing, she said, in part, it is about the things you “want to do” but reserve for that special person. Message: the 5-star, 2-hand treatment ain’t for e’rebody. That’s premium, not basic level sh!+. That’s for Bae, not “what you doin'”.

Jill, I won’t “Hate On [You]” or be “Gettin’ In the Way” of what you’re feeling. Ain’t no “Shame” in your Head game. Keep inspiring and have a “Lovely Day.” And keep rockin’ the damn mic.

Oh, and one more thing. If two hands aren’t enough, don’t forget about a Grapefruit! #SheReady


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