6 Reasons Why I’m Tired of All-White Parties

Remind me why we are still doing all-white parties again? Because I think we reached that expiration date about 4 years ago. Can we at least agree to wrap this trend up fairly quickly going forward? Advertisements


Hosts and Guests Need To Act Right During BBQ Season

Now that BBQ season is well underway, it’s time to get back to the basics because sometimes we start slipping when it comes to etiquette! I know how my people behave when you get hot and hungry. All etiquette goes…

The Importance of Keeping Our Toes “Did” In The Summer

Aight ladies, listen up. Yes, I’m judging you today. We need to end the silent epidemic I call “Lazy Toe Nail Syndrome” that has taken over in recent years. The weather is warm, we are pulling out the sandals, we…